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Our Product Portfolio

Optimum silk mills has a wide product range consisting of various yarn blends, cotton/polyester, polyester/viscose, 100% cotton, 100% polyester, that are delivered with our classy finish and detailed designing. The company boasts of a king size portfolio that offers combinations of different textures, in yarn dyed, whites, print, embroidery, jacquard, plains, dobbies etc. Primarily all types of garments can be made out of these designs whether it is formal, party, wedding or casual wear. The portfolio is further divided into designs for rural and urban markets. Specific designs are produced keeping in mind the rural preferences of our clients and specific designing preferences for urban markets are carefully chosen after consumer analysis. Kindly browse through some of the designs below -

Printed smart shirts

Stylish designer prints supplemented with quality fabric gives a wonderful feeling of possession. Casual or party wear, either ways create your own look

Stylish Kurtas

Continuous innovation in Kurta designs from time to time that help build memories for your cherished occasions.

Classic Embroidery

Contemporary Indian embroidery designs that suit best for occasions, make you look beautiful and Indian.

Embroidery Pocketing

Crafted by the name 'Y Pay More' these poster designs have been one of the highest selling designs of all time in the history of Optimum silk mills.

Checked Casual Shirts

Smart and contemporary urban shirts to look classy for every casual outing.

Exclusive Whites

Optimum is known for its mastery in white fabrics, in every aspect - print, embroidery or sober. A huge range of whites is the strength of Optimum silk mills.

Micro designs

Fine micro designs designed for comfort. Carefully chosen colors for smartness and simplicity.

Casual stripes

A mix of sober and casual wear, for simplicity and elegance.

Corporate clothing

An excellent collection of stripes, checks and plains that will make you look stylish even in office.

Piece clothing

All carefully chosen designs to gift your special ones in Optimum designed boxes. Every piece clothing lot will have a specific design theme, a wide range of alternatives for the clients to choose from.